Cameron Cycle's Shop Rate is $98.00 /hour

Provided you have made an appointment for the service there is no problem waiting while your machine is being serviced. Have a cup of free coffee and browse around the store.

The Service Schedule for most equipment is located in the Owners manual under Servicing and Maintenance.

No. If you read the warranty policy you will find that in order to maintain the warranty it is your obligation to maintain your machine according to the maintenance schedule in the owners manual at your own expense. Although we recommend you have all your scheduled maintenance done by our factory trained mechanics, you may in fact do your own maintenance if you like. You should keep receipts to prove you purchased the parts etc. in case you need to prove this to validate your compliance with the warranty policy.

You should always use what the manufacturer recommends or at the very least a motorcycle oil with an API rating of MA or MA2, never use a car oil with a API rating higher than SJ (ie. SK). Car oils, while cheaper, contain a product commonly known as Moly. This is an additive that will make your clutch slip and wear prematurely.

They sometimes appear to be, but we recommend checking the gap before installing them.

Most manufacturers recommend breaking in a bike or quad on mineral based oil, but after that you will be fine to switch. Follow your owners manual for break in procedures.

Again, read your manual, most manufacturers will tell you how many km's or hours between changes.

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